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Y-AIM (Yamaha Australia Institute of Motocross) is a program implemented by Yamaha Motor Australia to make sure that the best possible motocross training and coaching is available for riders and racers of all ages and skill levels, on all brands of motorcycles - by appointing an agent in each state it allows us to stay in touch with riders specific needs.

The program has been developed on the strong foundations of Stephen Gall's Academy of Off Road Riding, a program that many of Australia's top Motocross and Supercross riders have been part of.

State agents have been carefully selected by Yamaha based on their years of knowledge, experience and dedication to the sport. At Cameron Taylor's Y-Aim coaching courses we offer 4 different structures - from learners throught to advanced, so you can be sure to find the course for you.


1 day course - Y-AIM 1 day course is the perfect course to brush up on your skills and techniques. Or to get your 5 hours log book training for Juniors. We work on different skills, techniques and obstacles as we make our way around the track. Course hours 8:30am - 4pm Cost $130

2 day course - At a Y-AIM 2 day course we will go in depth on technique, body position, weight distribution, throttle control, clutch control, braking, cornering berms, ruts and flat turns, and jumping techniques. We touch on race prep also. Yes you can obtain your 5 hours coaching here for juniors. Course hours 9am - 4pm Cost $200.Sign on will start at 8am on first day

2 day advance race prep - At our 2 Day Race Prep Course you will acquire the info you need to go racing. We cover all of the on bike techniques and skills so you can holeshot, corner, jump, pass, read the track and choose better lines and chase faster lap times. Learn how to keep your body running the best it can on race day through hydration and nutrition.

3 day racers edge - Get the edge on your competition! Learn not only all of the skills, techniques and info you need to be a Motocross racer but learn how to practice and train efficiently so that you gain benefits every time you go riding. Includes a morning training session, on bike drills, track sections broken down, advanced cornering and jumping exercises, starts and simulated motos. We cover bike set up, hydration and nutrition.

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